about JSUS

We, JSUS (Japanese Supports for Ukrainian Students), are a group of like-minded Japanese language schools working with NGOs to provide free Japanese language education to displaced Ukrainian citizens who have fled to Japan.
Securing a living environment and the ability to adapt to Japanese society as well as Japanese language skills are essential for living and working in Japan.
Developing this ability is something we at the Japanese language school can do. For this reason, we have decided to launch this project in order to support displaced people from Ukraine.
First, we would like to train about 100 Japanese-speaking mentors for subsequent support.

Specific Initiatives


JSUS provides travel assistance to Ukrainian refugees seeking refuge in Japan. After evacuation to Japan, JSUS will provide support for their daily life and free Japanese language education. Each school will accept from a few to 10 students. The initial target number of students is 100. Preference will be given to university students and college graduates in their 20s and 30s. This is because once we have mentors who fit in with Japanese society and have the mental capacity to take care of other evacuees, we will be able to establish a smooth transition for those who follow in their footsteps. More than 40 Japanese language schools across Japan have already endorsed this initiative, including Tokyo, Gifu, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Wakayama, Shimane, and Kumamoto. 

JSUS will be crowdfunding to help subsidize living expenses, travel costs, and a portion of tuition. We will provide support for Ukrainian refugees through this funding. For know-how on receiving displaced persons, JSUS will collaborate with Pathways Japan, an NGO that has been working with Japanese language schools to receive Syrian refugees and other displaced persons. Regarding the situation in Ukraine and Russia, we will collaborate with WA International, a general incorporated association that is familiar with the situation in these regions and has provided support for the acceptance of foreign nationals. 

Regarding visa status, we are assuming a college student visa. If a special activity visa is available, we will consider that as well. After coming to Japan on a Temporary Visitor's Visa, we plan to switch to a Student Visa. Japanese language schools can directly accept students between the ages of 18 and 30. We are considering sharing the role of family members, etc. with the NGO Pathways Japan. We will work with each local government to provide housing and other services. 

JSUS has created a website. The website will not only introduce volunteer schools and inform Ukrainian refugees of the recruitment conditions, but also provide information on the condition of Ukrainian students. 

We hope that the activities of JSUS will help Japanese society to warmly welcome the Ukrainian refugees.  

about Japanese Language Schools

We, Japanese language schools, provide education for international students who come to Japan from other countries to study in Japan. In addition to Japanese language education, we have been helping foreign students to settle into Japanese society by educating them about the norms and culture of Japanese society, providing housing, arranging part-time jobs, and assisting with mental care and career paths. We feel that our daily know-how can be put to use in helping Ukrainian refugees settle in Japan, and we feel that support is our role. Therefore, we have decided to accept them by waiving their tuition fees. Each of our schools has suffered economic impact due to the recent Corona disaster. However, we started this project because we believe that "seeing righteousness and not doing righteousness is not valor. Exemption of tuition fees is feasible through the efforts of each school. However, securing housing and travel expenses cannot be realized by itself. Therefore, we will conduct a crowdfunding campaign in parallel with the project to obtain support from society at large.


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【JSUS Secretariat】
Representative: Norito Hiraoka, Principal, Seifu Institute of Information Technology
Executive Director: Atsushi Kumada, WA International

【Member schools】
Seifu Institute of Information Technology(Osaka) https://i-seifu.jp/
Meros Language Institute(Tokyo) http://www.meros.jp/
KAI Japanese Language School(Tokyo)https://www.kaij.jp/

Japanese Language Center(Kyoto) https://nihongo-center.com/
Communica Institute(Kobe)http://www.communica-institute.org/
Kobe Sumiyoshi International Japanese Language School(Kobe) https://www.s-i-s-kobe.com/
Koto College(Kumamoto)https://www.coto.ac.jp/

【Collaborative Organization】
NGO Pathways Japan https://pathways-j.org/
WA International, Inc. https://www.wa-international.net/

Last Words

 Japan is a country that has repeatedly recovered from wars and catastrophes. 
We will support the displaced people of Ukraine so that they can regain their strength in Japan. 
We hope that this war will end with Ukraine's victory as soon as possible.