2024 Application Guideline (closed)

JSUS (Japanese Support for Ukrainian Students) starts accepting applications for a 1-year study program in a Japanese language school from young and ambitious Ukrainian women. 10 students, who will successfully pass the selection process, will have an opportunity to study in a Japanese language school for free for a year. Apart from the Japanese classes, students will regularly take part in seminars and classes on topics, related to the post-war or post-disaster recovery from the Japanese corporations, to gain knowledge necessary for Ukraine’s future reconstruction and recovery. It is also expected that the program students will become ambassadors of Ukraine in Japan, engaging in activities and projects promoting Ukrainian culture and raising awareness about the country’s situation in Japan, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the Japanese history and culture. After the end of the program, students would be able to decide whether they want to pursue Japanese language learning for 1 more year at their own expense, or take part in internships or trainings held by Japanese companies instead. 

This program was created for young Ukrainian women, who have strong motivation to contribute to Ukraine’s recovery and development in the future. It is expected that the students will use the Japanese language skills and other knowledge gained during their stay in Japan to rebuild Ukraine and strengthen the ties between Ukraine and Japan.
We are looking forward to the applications from those who are eager to embark on this mission!
Start of the program: July 2024

Eligibile applicants: Ukrainian women under 26 years old who are strongly motivated to contribute to the post-war recovery of Ukraine as well as the development of the Ukraine-Japan relations

Application deadline: 12 May 2024 (Sunday)

The program will provide the following:
• Tuition at a Japanese language school for one year
• Accomodation for a period of study (arranged by the language school)
• Financial support for living expenses
• Support for visa issuance and residence permit

*Important: travel fare to Japan is NOT covered by the program.
Application requirements
• Ability to cover travel expenses to Japan by oneself
• Basic knowledge of Japanese (level N5 or higher of the JLPT is desirable)
• Strong motivation to contribute to the recovery of Ukraine via Japanese language education and learning about Japan’s post-war and post-disaster recovery experiences
• Willingness to return to Ukraine in the future
• Being a university graduate at time of the start of the program (desirable) 
• Ability to diligently attend the daily Japanese classes in the language school for a year
• Ability to participate in additional seminars and classes related to the post-war recovery of Ukraine
• Willigness to take part in initiatives aimed at promoting Ukraine and Ukrainian culture in Japan
• Willingness to learn more about the Japanese history and culture
Selection process (Updated)
1. Filling out the Google Form (until May 12)
2. Notification of the first screening results (May 15-May 17) 

3. (for applicants, who don’t have a Japanese language proficiency certificate) Taking the J-CAT online test for determining the Japanese proficiency level 
4. Online interviews: 1st interview with the JSUS comission and 2nd interview with the language school (May 15-31). 
5. Notification of the final results (until May 31) 
6. Visa application procedure and preparations for travel to Japan (June) 
7. Arrival to Japan and start of the studies (July)